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2021/8/9: A Preliminary Research on the New Psychoactive Substance Trafficking Patterns - The perspective from retail sellers

  • Publication Date:
  • Last updated:2021-12-27
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  • Author
    Yuan-Hao Cheng, Yi-Chien Ku
    Crime Prevention Research Center, Academy for the Judicary, Ministry of Justice
  • Abstract 
         The current exploratory study attempted to depict the trading patterns of New Psychoactive Substance (NPS) in Taiwan from the perspective of traffickers. In this study, five inmates with experience of NPS use and trafficking were interviewed. The study mainly explored marketing/selling strategies and trading channels of NPS traffickers, as well as family relationships, knowledge, and recognition of drug use. The Moustakas framework of Phenomenological Methodology was adopted. The study found several different survival strategies for drug dealers in the market. First, foreign countries have been using the internet as a major marketing method. Second, the NPS market culture emphasizes personal fame and reputation. As a result, buyers and sellers are living on a mutually beneficial and symbiotic dependency relationship. Third, higher occurrence in drug uses and sales towards younger indicates a possible downward trend in the age of the first contact with drugs. Fourth, a significant increase in the trend of polydrug use has resulted in a shortening of the drug abuse history and increased the likelihood of drug users being exposed to hard drugs. Fifth, respondents may use neutralization techniques on addictiveness and harmfulness of NPS. The current study presents a preliminary picture of the traffickers and characteristics of the NPS market. Future studies may consider including investigations with larger samples to accumulate more evidence to support making better control strategies and prevention guideline.
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    Volume 10, Issue 2


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