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Future Prospect

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  • Last updated:2020-01-17
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  Judicial officials, conferred with the task of enforcing laws and regulations, are the cornerstone of the judiciary. Thus, enhancing the quality of these officials is integral to ensuring that the judicial system operates smoothly. The Academy for the Judiciary was formed with this exact purpose in mind—to augment the ability and quality of judicial officials and other legal affairs personnel. In particular, the Academy endeavors to cultivate a sense of responsibility, instill a passion for justice, and heighten ethical standards in professional judicial officials while offering current officials opportunities to further their studies as a way to ensure and maintain the professionalism of judicial personnel, which in turn can help guarantee that punishments dealt by the courts are timely, appropriate, and fit the crimes committed. In this way, court decisions not only garner the support of the public and uphold justice but also protect the right of the people to file petitions and lodge complaints as stipulated in Article 16 of the Constitution of the Republic of China. The Judges and Prosecutors Training Institute (JPTI), predecessor of the Academy for the Judiciary, was officially established in Taiwan in 1955. Under the visionary leadership of former directors and the inaugural President of the Academy, the organization, since its founding, has been fully dedicated to the mission of innovation, already achieving much success in advancing judicial education in Taiwan.
  Striving to reach a new standard of excellence in the administration of justice while cultivating and educating a new generation of exceptional officials that meet the standards and needs of the 21st century, the Academy has left no stone unturned in its mission to create and develop a world-class judicial education program. As such, the organization has made every effort to design a variety of interactive programs and courses in line with current trends, recruit outstanding faculty members, build excellent teaching and learning facilities, and to fully integrate the concept of putting theory into practice in its curriculum.
  After the 2013 organizational restructuring, the Academy established a brand new Crime Prevention Research Center to spearhead research on crime prevention and formulate preventative measures. In this regard, the Center will conduct research in criminology as well as penal law, serving as a national think tank in criminal justice policy and planning. Efficiently making use of limited resources to achieve the greatest result, the organization has delineated the following objectives:
1.Create a center-wide database
2.Procure funding for commissioned research projects; develop on project-basis viable countermeasures for the most pressing criminal problems
3. Promote opportunities for academic exchange and cooperation both in Taiwan and abroad to further domestic research in criminal justice
Whether the judicial system operates smoothly plays an integral role in cultivating the public’s trust and faith in the judiciary; hence, augmenting the quality of judicial officials is of critical importance. In light of this, the Academy continues to be fully committed to educating outstanding judicial officials and legal personnel, instilling a global perspective within the organization, and to building a platform for exchange and partnerships with institutions for judicial education around the world. Striving to meet international standards of judicial excellence and foster a generation of outstanding judicial and legal personnel, the organization ultimately hopes to fulfill its mission of serving as both a preeminent institution for judicial education as well as the criminal policy think tank of the Ministry of Justice.

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