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Organization Chart

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  Passed into law by the Legislative Yuan after its third reading on April 30, 2013, the Organization Act of the Academy for the Judiciary, Ministry of Justice was promulgated by the President on May 22, 2013 and put into force by the Executive Yuan beginning July 1, 2013. 

  The Academy for the Judiciary is part of the Ministry of Justice and headed by the President of the Academy who oversees the organization and the Chief Secretary who handles and approves all organizational (including confidential) documents and acts as the coordinator between all divisions and units. Other departments include the Academic Affairs Department, Student Affairs Department, Crime Prevention Research Center, Secretariat, Personnel Office, and the Accounting Office. Furthermore, in light of the needs and demands of designing and offering judicial education programs, the Academy will also invite and request the temporary transfer of experienced and outstanding judges and prosecutors from the courts and prosecution offices to serve as faculty members and mentors.

  Provisions in Article 2, Section 2 of the Organization Act of the Academy for the Judiciary, Ministry of Justice stipulate that judicial education programs for qualified individuals who pass judicial official examinations are to be overseen by the Judges and Prosecutors Training Committee, which, in addition to four representative members outside of the judiciary, is jointly established and created by the Judicial Yuan, Executive Yuan, and the Examination Yuan. The Judges and Prosecutors Training Committee is entrusted with determining the program policies, guidelines, curricula, and other related matters while the Academy is responsible for carrying out the vision of the Committee and implementing judicial education programs.



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