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Continuing Education

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  • Last updated:2023-11-27
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I. Continuing Education for Judicial Officials


Through continuing education program, judicial officials are able to extend pre-job training into life-long learning and development. The objective of continuing education is to maintain a high standard of comprehensive and specialized training for judicial officials.

(1) Objective of Training

    1. To hold practical workshops which meet the needs of prosecutors office

    2. To offer continuing education program relevant to judicial officials’ functions

(2) Model of Training

    1. Small size class

    2. Short-term training

    3. Academic and practical learning experience

    4. Involve both judges and prosecutors

(3) Classes

    1. Workshop for head prosecutors from district court prosecutors office

    2. Workshop on the practice of Consumer Protection Law

    3. Workshop on intellectual property right for prosecutors

    4. Seminar on judicial practice

    5. Advanced courses on financial issues

    6. Advanced courses for public prosecutors

(4) Future Planning

    1. Provide seamless life-long learning for prosecutors

    2. Conduct continuing training for prosecutors on sabbatical leave (after completing seven years of service)

    3. Plan “Justice without Border” training for incumbent prosecutors to inform them of international practice




II. Training for Other Judicial Personnel

(1) Training for prosecutor investigators (2) Training for clerks (3) Training for probation officers(4) Computer training for judicial personnel (5) Training for legal affairs personnel

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