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Located on a site that spans 3,971 square meters, the buildings that house the Academy for the Judiciary encompass a total floor area of 15,186 square meters. The location consists of three buildings: two five-floor structures housing the teaching and administration divisions, respectively, and a ten-floor dormitory. The teaching building features two large classrooms, two medium-size classrooms, and five discussion rooms along with a moot court, computer lab, entertainment room, common room, break room for teachers, as well as a multi-purpose auditorium. The restaurant and kitchen along with a miniature gym and recreation room are all located in the basement. Moreover, the recently established Crime Prevention Research Center is situated in the second administrative building of the Ministry of Justice.





                      Mid-size  Classroom                                                                                 Meeting Room

Mid-size Classroom      Meeting





                       Computer  Lab                                                                                              Moot  Court   

Computer  Lab       Moot



                           Auditorium                                                                                                    Library

Auditorium       Library



                          Dormitory                                                                                               Dormitory             

    Dormitory    Girls' Dormitory



                             Restaurant                                                                                              Laundry

Laundry       Laundry room



                            Roof Garden                                                                           Roof Garden

Roof Garden      Roof Garden









                   Table Tennis Room                                                                       Billiard Room

Table Tennis Room       mootcourt

            Secondary Moot Court                                                  Classroom(Second administrative building)

mootcourt       Class Room

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