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Big Data Applications for the Analysis of Intimate Relationship Violence Prevention

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  • Last updated:2020-02-11
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The fatal crime of Zhang Yan-wen, a NTU student who publicly stabbed his girlfriend 47 times, happened in September 2014. Why did he ever take a U turn from a lover to a killer? Is there any specific sign that could be found? Whether we could establish an effective protection system which completely integrates cooperation from folks to the government, police to medical system and social work to judiciary, so as to reduce similar incidents and ease the social misery is a significant topic which is worthy of further discussion to us. With the in-depth application and analysis of the big data, our research intends to find out how we could prevent tragedies from reoccurring by using medical, social and judicial data effectively, analyzing similar cases in database, and utilizing resources on the internet.

This research adopts following methods: 1. literature review and analysis; 2. in-depth interview; 3.panel discussion by experts.

The research looks into the reasons why intimate partner violence (IPV) increased, difficulties in preventing IPV, access to IPV related databases and how big data may be applied on IPV prevention.

Lastly, suggestions regarding the steps to apply big data for IPV prevention are provided. Short- to long- term suggestions for organizations in charge of IPV prevention and databases setup are also provided.

Keywords: Big Data; intimate partner violence (IPV); violence

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