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2023/12/05: Family Caregiver Homicide – Content Analysis of Court Judgements

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  • Last updated:2023-12-19
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This study focuses on existing judicial judgments, conducting a textual analysis of these judgments to summarize the patterns of various types of "family caregiver homicide" in Taiwan. The aim is to examine the factual background of different cases, as well as to identify the reasons and sentencing factors in the judgments. Based on the results, the study deduces the caregiver dilemma on social and legal concerns and seeks to propose appropriate recommendations for practical units.

Research shows that higher crime risks exist in the fall and winter, during nighttime, among males, and individuals with physical and mental illnesses. Most cases did not seek external assistance, and long-term care homicides were often not solely motivated by economic factors. Overall, declared sentences are relatively low, but most still require imprisonment. The majority of offenders have no criminal history, with crime motives primarily centered around overwhelming physical and mental stress and providing relief to the victims. Over half of the offenders had been providing care for over 10 years, and nearly half chose suicide after the crime. The amendment seeking to expand judicial discretion by the Ministry of Justice is deemed appropriate.

This study proposed several suggestions from the perspectives of social welfare and criminal policies. To provide stable support for family caregivers, social workers should focus on identifying of high-risk situations. Besides social workers, community resources could be as a support system for family caregivers. On the other hand, the rehabilitation of offenders is a better way to prevent reconvicting crime. The government should consider evidence-based research and enhance social communication while evaluating relevant legitimate amendments. Lastly, the government should carefully reconsider the necessity of euthanasia in response to societal demands.

Keywords: Family Caregiver, Double-Aging Family, Judgment Analysis, Homicide.

For the full paper, please visit here (only in traditional Chinese version).

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