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Academy for the Judiciary, Ministry of Justice held 2021 Criminal Policies and Crime Prevention Conference and the 8th Outstanding Thesis Dissertation Awards Ceremony.

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     The Academy for the Judiciary, Ministry of Justice, has held an "Academic Research Symposium on Criminal Policy and Crime Prevention 2021" on Wednesday, 1st December 2021, from 09:30 to 16:40 in the Computer Classroom on the 2nd floor of the Academy situated at No. 81, Section 3, Xinhai Road, Taipei City. In response to the epidemic, the symposium was organized in both face-to-face and video formats.

     The four research themes of the academic symposium, be it the commissioned, appraised, and selected papers such as "A Study on the Abuse of Emerging Financial Technologies in Crime" and "Crime Victimization and its Analysis: The Nation's First Report on Criminal Victimization Trends and Services", or the self-directed research papers of "Crime Situation in 2020 and its Analysis: A Review of Crime Trends and the New System of Disorder in Taiwan" and "A Pilot Study on the Application of AI to Automated Interpretation of Indictments: Taking the Example of Drug Offenses", these two autologous studies, are all aimed at improving the government's criminal policy on crime prevention and control through empirical and in-depth research results.

     In addition, to encourage more outstanding talents to enter the field of crime prevention and criminal policy research, every year an "Outstanding Thesis Award on Crime Prevention Research" for master's and doctoral degrees students is held, and this year is the 8th edition. A total of 15 master's and doctoral students have already received the award. On that day, the Minister of Justice, Mr. Ching-Hsiang TSAI, was invited to give a speech and present the award as an encouragement to the students.

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