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2017/7/14 Crime Prevention Advisory Conference was held

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On July 14th, 2017, to form a strategic alliance and enhance the precision and feasibility of the nation’s criminal policy, the Academy for the Judiciary held the Crime Prevention Advisory Conference. Hosted by President Tsai Pi-Yu, the conference was attended by 17 members, including directors of Ministry of Justice’s (MOJ) departments, chiefs and deputy chiefs of MOJ subordinate organizations and representatives of the academia.

In the beginning of the conference, the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) presented its accomplishments in the first half of 2017. Then, Ms Tsai I-Chia, an Assistant Research Fellow of CPRC, delivered a speech on Conditional Release in Swedish, Japan and United States.
Attendees highly praised the CPRC for research systems it set up and results it achieved.

1060714諮詢會主持人致詞 1060714諮詢會林委員發言
1060714諮詢會楊委員發言 1060714諮詢會蔡助理研究員專題報告
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