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The Academy has organized the "2023 Academic Conference on Criminal Policy and Crime Prevention Research" and the Outstanding Thesis/Dissertation Award Presentation Ceremony

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The Academy for the Judiciary hosted the "2023 Seminar on Criminal Policy, Crime Prevention and Corrections" on December 13, 2023 (Friday). The presentations at this seminar covered topics such as "Analysis of the Crime Situation in 2022: Characteristics and Prevention of Providers of Dummy Accounts", "Assessment of the Feasibility of Establishing the Corporate Criminal Liability Act (Special Chapter) in Our Country – With Focus on In-Depth Study of Foreign Legal Systems", "Investigation and Prevention Research on Cyber Fraud Victimization in Our Country", and "Third-Party Payments from the Perspective of Criminal Justice". Through empirical research findings, the seminar provided recommendations on crime prevention and corrections and the formulation of criminal policies.

In addition, to encourage more outstanding talents to engage in research in the fields of crime prevention, corrections and criminal policy, the Academy annually organizes the "Outstanding Master's and Ph.D.’s Crime Prevention and Corrections Research Paper Award." This year, a total of 14 master's and Ph.D. students received the award. For the award ceremony, the Academy extended a special invitation to the Justice Minister, Mr. Ching-Hsiang TSAI, to deliver a speech and present certificates to encourage and acknowledge the awardees.

During Minister TSAI's opening remarks, he affirmed that the four main themes of this seminar effectively address the current needs of the development of criminal policies. He acknowledged that these themes not only hold academic value but also provide responses to numerous practical issues. Minister TSAI extended his congratulations to all the awarded master's and Ph.D. students, encouraging them to continue contributing their efforts to further research in crime prevention and corrections.

The seminar concluded successfully with active participation from individuals representing various sectors, including academia and industry. After four lively sessions of discussions held in the morning and afternoon, the event came to a successful close.

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