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Crime Prevention Research Center

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  • Last updated:2024-05-13
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The Academy’s Crime Prevention Research Center serves following functions: (1) investigating, analyzing, and researching crime issues and trends; (2) collecting and analyzing crime statistics and relevant information; (3) researching, evaluating, and providing consulting services for criminal policy making; (4) hosting academic conferences on criminology and crime-related topics; (5) publishing research materials on crime; and (6) researching crime prevention and relevant topics. The Center acts as the nation's think tank for criminal justice policy making, trains criminal justice researchers, and promotes international exchanges and collaboration on criminal justice and crime research. The Center blueprints comprehensive and far-reaching crime research and corresponding measures.


The Center's main focuses include the following: (1) creating a crime prevention research database; (2) conducting research and developing policy related to current crime issues; and (3) promoting exchanges and collaboration with crime research institutions at home and abroad.

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