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The Academy for the Judiciary at the Ministry of Justice and Universität Trier in Germany signed a cooperation agreement.

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  • Last updated:2020-02-11
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     To strengthen the bond between the Academy and foreign academic and legal institutions, incorporate more international training, help incumbent prosecutors think more globally, and provide more in-service training for prosecutors, the Academy spares no effort in signing cooperation agreements with foreign universities and legal professional training institutions, and sends incumbent prosecutors to the said schools and institutions for in-service training on a regular basis. Tsai Pi-Yu, President of the Academy, has visited Universität Trier in 2017 and talked about the possibility of cooperation with Prof. Dr. Mark A. Zöller at the School of Law. After that, Prof. Dr. Mark A. Zöller has been an excellent coordinator who helped formulate a cooperation plan after six months’ negotiations. Both sides reached a consensus on the cooperation agreement and hoped to forge a long-term and steady bond. Prof. Dr. Michael Jäckel, the President of Universität Trier, and the Academy singed the agreement on July 12 2019 at Universität Trier. Then, they held a signing ceremony at the Academy on the morning of September 5 2019. On behalf of Universität Trier, Prof. Dr. Mark A. Zöller brought the said agreement to the Academy, and Tsai signed the agreement with Dr. Jürgen Brauer, Head of Prosecutors in Germany; Li Hai-Long, Chief Secretary of the Academy; Ke Yi-Fen, Head of Academic Affairs Department; Jiang Lin-Da, Head of Student Affairs Department; and several mentors acting as witnesses.

     According to the cooperation agreement, the Academy and Universität Trier both agree to map out exchange courses for the selected judges, prosecutors, and professors to attend. The courses include visits to local prosecutors’ offices, courthouses, police offices, and jails as practicum courses. Tsai explained that the practicum courses will help us know more about the development of the German prosecution system, office situations of German prosecutors, and the challenges and problems they face at work. Prof. Dr. Mark A. Zöller and Dr. Jürgen Brauer promised to put emphasis on the visits. Tsai, Prof. Dr. Mark A. Zöller, and Dr. Jürgen Brauer are looking forward to future academic training and mutual visits.

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