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The Academy for the Judiciary Invited Professor Matthias Herdegen from the University of Bonn, Germany, to Deliver a Special Lecture

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  • Last updated:2023-10-30
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The Academy for the Judiciary, to broaden the international perspective of its trainees, continues to organize international exchange activities. For this occasion, Professor Matthias Herdegen, a renowned expert in the fields of public law, European Union law, and international law, and the Director of the Institute of Public Law and the Institute of Public International Law at the University of Bonn, Germany, was invited to deliver a lecture. Additionally, Professor Wei-sheng HONG from the Department of Public Administration and Policy at National Taipei University, who is also a lawyer, was invited to serve as the translator and commentator. Accompanied by Professor Ching-Hui CHEN from the College of Law at National Chengchi University, Professor Herdegen engaged in a lively discussion and exchange of ideas with the 64th Judicial Officers Class.

The title of the special lecture was "International Law as the Anchor of the International Order: New Challenges". Professor Herdegen began his lecture by exploring the principles of international law and important international treaties and agreements. He also discussed the significant changes in the field of international law in recent years. He then connected these developments with current international events such as the Russia-Ukraine War and the USA-China trade war, highlighting the new challenges they pose to international law. During the discussion, Professor HONG, in his capacity of both a translator and commentator, offered an analysis from the perspective of Taiwan, examining the role and functions of the United Nations. He elaborated on concepts such as sovereignty, peace, and security and discussed how recent trends in the international arena might impact the international order, universal values, and the principle of the prohibition of the use of force.

During the Q&A session at the end of the lecture, the attending trainees actively raised questions. They greatly benefited from the responses provided by Professor Herdegen and the discussion led by Professor HONG, both of whom contributed to a lively and engaging discussion. This enthusiastic exchange of ideas brought the event to a successful conclusion. After the lecture, President Li-Ling KER invited Professor Herdegen, Professor HONG, Professor CHEN, Prosecutor General Tai-Chao HSING, Prosecutor An-Chen CHANG from the Supreme Prosecutors Office, and Mr. Thomas Wang, an experienced defense lawyer who serves as a lecturer for the Citizen Judges Act curriculum, to share a luncheon. During this gathering, they further discussed recent important international events and the challenges Taiwan faces in international exchanges. Following the meal, Professor Herdegen was invited to visit the Academy's library, and he graciously signed a copy of his book "International Law" (國際法), which was translated by Professor CHEN and others (published in Taiwan in March of this year). This signed copy will be treasured in the Academy's collection.

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