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2021/10 : What people with Schizoaffective disorder want to tell you about themselves - Sick Girl Shane Lin

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  • Last updated:2021-10-28
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       Do you know what Schizoaffective disorder is? Do you know what kind of difficulties psychiatric patients encounter?
Shane Lin was a mathematics and science gifted student at Taipei First Girls High School. Her grades were among the highest in the school. However, one day, she suddenly experienced hallucinations and cognitive decline, causing her grades to drop. Her teachers not only failed to understand her mental illness, but also blamed it on her playfulness and preoccupation with social activities, and her friends and family thought she was haunted and turned to traditional religions. From the onset of her illness to the confirmation of her emotional psychosis, her friends and classmates were willing to support her along the way.
     Through continuous efforts, her condition has stabilized. She is willing to stand up and speak out for those with the same symptoms.

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