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2020/7/17 Crime Prevention Advisory Conference was held

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In order to form a strategic alliance with government officials and academics as well as enhance the precision and feasibility of the nation’s criminal policy, the Academy for the Judiciary held the Crime Prevention Advisory Conference on July 17, 2020. The conference was hosted by Tsai Pi-Yu, the president of the Academy for the Judiciary. There were 17 members attend the conference, including directors of MOJ departments, chiefs and deputy ministers of MOJ subordinate organizations and representatives of the academia. In the conference, the Crime Prevention Research Center of the Academy first presented its accomplishments in 2020, and reported work progress regarding 2021 research topics on compulsory implementation of work assignment and wrongful convictions for discussion. President Tsai Pi-Yu addressed appreciation on Ministry of Justice Chief Secretary Chen,Hong-Da, Institute of Forensic Medicine Fellow and Acting Director , Department of Prosecutorial Affairs Director Lin,Jin-Cun , Criminal Investigation Bureau Deputy Commissioner Liao,Xun-Cheng , and National Taiwan University Associate Professor Teoh, Yee-San’s participation. Attendees highly praised the Center for its research plans and achievements.

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