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2020/2/14 Crime Prevention Advisory Conference was held

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On February 14, 2020, to form a strategic alliance with government officials and academics as well as promote criminal policy and crime prevention research for joint planning, the Academy for the Judiciary held the Crime Prevention Advisory Conference, so as to provide the government as a reference for improving national policies. Hosted by President Tsai Pi-yu, the conference was attended by 15 members, including directors of MOJ departments, chiefs and deputy chiefs of MOJ subordinate organizations and representatives of the academia.  In addition to reporting on the important research work and achievements completed by the Crime Prevention Research Center of the Academy in 2019, the meeting also discussed 5 motions, among which the resolution was that "the abuse of emerging financial technology " and "victimization situations and analyses" is listed as 2021-year commissioned research topics.  In conclusion, attendees highly praised the Crime Prevention Research Center for its research plans and achievements.

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