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Delegation of the Office of the Prosecutor General in Munich Visited the Academy for the Judiciary, Ministry of Justice on January 31st, 2024

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Reinhard Röttle, the Attorney General of the Office of the Prosecutor General in Munich, along with Chief Prosecutors Klaus Ruhland, Joachim Ettenhofer, and Gabriele Tilmann, visited Taiwan at the end of January of this year. They successively paid a visit with Ching-Hsiang TSAI, the Minister of the Ministry of Justice, the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office, the Investigation Bureau, and the High Prosecutors Office. On the morning of January 31st, the delegation visited the Academy and met with President Li-Ling KER.

Attorney General Reinhard Röttle has previously held positions as a Judge, Prosecutor, Chief Prosecutor, Chief Justice, and Head of Personnel at the Ministry of Justice. Chief Prosecutor Klaus Ruhland currently serves as a spokesperson and holds the position of the Director of the Personnel Department at the Office of the Prosecutor General in Munich. Chief Prosecutor Joachim Ettenhofer concurrently serves as the Director of the International Cooperation Department and the European Judicial Network (EJN). Chief Prosecutor Gabriele Tilmann is the Director of the Bavarian Central Office for Combating Extremism and Terrorism (ZET).

President KER first welcomed the distinguished guests following their long journey and expressed gratitude for the introduction and hospitality extended by the Office of the Prosecutor General in Munich during their "Volljurist" study tour to Germany at the end of 2022 with the Taiwan Supreme Prosecutors Office delegation. Subsequently, Mentor Lee of the Academy briefed the guests on Taiwan's examination and training system for Judges and Prosecutors. Both sides exchanged experiences on the age, gender, and number of judges and prosecutors in our country. Later, the delegation observed the 64th Judicial Officer class trainees taking courses. Under the guidance of President KER, they also visited the Academy's History Corridor, the Moot Court, the Academy's History Room, and the Library. Finally, group photos are taken in front of the Academy emblem as a memento.

During the final coffee/tea session, President KER invited distinguished guests to taste pineapple cakes and pineapple egg yolk cakes made by the renowned Taiwanese baker WU Pao-Chun. Additionally, President KER presented the guests with the Academy's souvenirs, pineapple cakes, and a printmaking artwork featuring the Academy's architecture. In return, Attorney General Reinhard Röttle presented the Academy with a hardcover book titled "Bavaria: Land at the Heart of Europe," now housed in the Academy's Library.

The Academy continuously enhances the quality of judicial education and international visibility of Taiwan through exchanges with judicial institutions and personnel from various countries.



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