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The Academy for the Judiciary has invited Professor Isabelle Doussan from the French National Institute for Research in Agriculture, Food, and Environment to deliver a lecture at the Academy

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  • Last updated:2023-08-28
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To broaden the international perspectives of judicial trainees, the Academy for the Judiciary (AJMJ) continues to organize international exchange activities. For this occasion, AJMJ invited Professor Isabelle Doussan from the French National Institute for Research in Agriculture, Food, and Environment, who has conducted in-depth research in environmental law and environmental protection, to deliver a lecture. It also invited Professor Yao-Ming HSU from National Chengchi University to conduct the interpretation and participate in the discussion. Accompanied by Cécile Renault, Director of Culture, University Cooperation and Education of the French Office in Taipei, Professor Doussan engaged in a lively discussion and exchanged views with the trainees of the 62nd Judicial Officers Class.

The topic of the lecture was "Ecological Compensation: A Step Forward For Environmental Law?" Professor Doussan not only introduced the evolution of the ecological compensation models in France but also discussed how to use different legal frameworks as tools for ecological compensation to achieve a balance in sustainable environmental development. Professor HSUstarted from the contents of our country's Basic Environment Act and elucidated relevant regulations concerning environmental impact assessment, ecological impact assessment, and biodiversity protection. He also highlighted the challenges hindering the implementation of environmental compensation in our country.

In the Q&A session, the attentive trainees enthusiastically gave feedback and actively posed questions, resulting in a lively and fulfilling conclusion to this event. After the lecture concluded, President KER of AJMJ invited Professor Doussan, Professor HSU, and the delegation from the French Office in Taipei led by Director Cécile Renault to a luncheon. During the meal, both parties further discussed and exchanged views on future collaborations.

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