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2022/11/30 The Academy For The Judiciary Invited Professor ALEXANDRE VIALA From The University of Montpellier, France, to Deliver a Lecture

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Professor Viala, a renowned expert in public law from the University of Montpellier, was invited by the French Office in Taipei to give a lecture as part of the French Philosophy Week in Taiwan. The Academy took the rare opportunity to invite Professor Viala to give a lecture and invited Professor Yao-Ming HSU from the College of Law of the National Chengchi University to conduct the interpretation and participate in the discussion. Accompanied by Pierre Goulange, Head of Political Affairs, Press and Communication Section of the French Office, Professor Viala had a discussion and exchanged views with the 63rd Class of Judicial Trainees who attended the lecture.

The topic of the lecture given by Professor Viala was "The Relation Between the Constitution and International Law: Does the Hierarchy of Norms Depend on the Legitimacy of Normative Procedures?" President Ker opened the lecture by welcoming Professor Viala and noted that the class of Judicial Trainees, most of whom had studied various domestic laws, would find the contents brought by Professor Viala, this time, being concepts that trainees were less exposed to or had less intensively studied, which would help us understand the nature, effect and level of the law from a different perspective.

Professor Viala gave the keynote lecture in French, with consecutive interpretation provided by Professor HSU. Following the lecture, Professor HSU led a 25-minute discussion on the topic. In the QA session, Professor HSU noted that the topic might be complex and challenging, but hoped he had provided a simpler explanation to help trainees understand the content and stimulate their thinking. After the lecture, President Ker invited Professor Viala, Professor HSU and Mr. Pierre Goulange to join in for lunch at the Academy and discuss future international exchanges between Taiwan and France.

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