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2017/1/17 Crime Prevention Advisory Conference was held

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On January 17th, 2017, to form a strategic alliance and enhance the precision and feasibility of the nation’s criminal policy, the Academy for the Judiciary held the Crime Prevention Advisory Conference. Hosted by President Tsai Pi-Yu, the conference was attended by 16 members of the advisory committee, including directors of Ministry of Justice’s (MOJ) departments, chiefs and deputy chiefs of MOJ’s subordinate organizations and representatives of the academia. In the beginning of conference, the director of Crime Prevention Research Center delivered his speech about the center’s accomplishments since it was established.   

After that, the Academy invited Tsai I-Chia, Master of Laws of National Chung Cheng University, and Dr. Hsieh Ching-Hung, Ph.D. of National Chengchi University, to present their theses --“Criminal Legislation and Penal Populism of Drunk Driving: A Comparison between Taiwanese and Japanese Criminal Law and Order” and “Institutionalization of food fraud prevention in Taiwan by learning food governance in U.K. and U.S.A.”. Both of them are winners of 3rd Excellence Award for Outstanding Thesis on Crime Prevention Research.   

At the end, the committee members expressed that they were impressed with the Crime Prevention Research Center’s ability to organize and execute research projects. And they praised the fruitful achievements of the center.

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