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2015/11/03 The 2nd Review Meeting for Outstanding Thesis Award on Crime Prevention Research was held.

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    As we know that universities are the cradle of development on national scholarism, talents training for higher education on crime prevention field, is not only have a stake in rise and fall of national policy on criminal part in decades, but play a determining role in integral amount of development on national crime prevention research. In order to encourage more elite throw themselves into research field of crime prevention and criminal policy, the Academy held The 2nd Review Meeting for Outstanding Paper Award on Crime Prevention Research on November 3rd, 2015.
    President Tsai Ching-hsiang was present and addressed simply as followed: The 22 participants’ original works cover a variety of topicsfor instance, guarantee of human rights, clean-government construction, residence security, drug prevention, juvenile delinquency, sexual crime, economic crime, transnational crime, forensic science and so on. Those works are extremely fascinating and varied, and competition among them is also intense. In addition to express my gratitude to three professional reviewers, I also want to encourage every applicant today to keep working hard towards greater contribution on national criminal policy no matter whatever the outcome of review.



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