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2015/9/16 press release for IPV video clips was held

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To apply crime prevention researches to practice, the Academy for the Judiciary, Ministry of Justice collaborated with School of Communication, Ming Chuan University to have students create and produce video clips about intimate partner violence (IPV). Three clips, with titles of breakup, birthday and quarrels respectively, were chosen to be officially released in the School of Communication, Min Chuan University in the afternoon of September 16, 2015.

President Tsai Ching-hsiang of the AJMJ stated that the clips should raise youngsters’ awareness about youth crime prevention effectively as clips produced by youngsters should be less stereotyped and patronizing. These clips would be sent to Ministry of Education and Ministry of Justice to be used in legal awareness programs. They would be posted to YouTube, Facebook, Line, etc. as well since various formats and channels should be adopted in contemporary crime prevention and legal awareness programs.

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