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2015/08/05 2015 Seminar on Integrity - focus and change of anti-corruption strategies was held

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On August 5, 2015, the Academy and Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of Justice (AAC) held the “2015 Seminar on Integrity – focus and change of anti-corruption strategies” in the auditorium of the Academy.  Minister Luo Ying-xue delivered the opening speech while nearly a hundred of people from various fields, such as prosecutors, police, AAC officers and engineers, attended the seminar.

Three topics were discussed in the seminar, including the analysis of procurement corruption and abuse of public power for private profit, pattern and prevention of police corruption and comparative research on corruption patterns and prevention strategies between the East and West.  President Tsai Ching-hsiang addressed in the seminar that building a clean government was one of the MOJ’s main objectives.  It was the responsibility and obligation of the Crime Prevention Research Center of Academy, which served as the think tank for national criminal policies, to apply leading academic researches to policy making in order to enhance the anti-corruption mechanism.  It was hoped that this seminar might offer the government a comprehensive perspective on forming the anti-corruption strategies.
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