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2014/12/24 Crime Prevention Advisory Conference

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103第2次諮詢會2 103第2次諮詢會1

103第2次諮詢會3 103第2次諮詢會4 
On December 24, 2014, to form a strategic alliance and enhance the precision and feasibility of the nation’s criminal policy, the Academy for the Judiciary held the Crime Prevention Advisory Conference on its second-floor conference room. Hosted by President Lin Huei-huang, the conference was attended by 17 members, including Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, Mr. Zhou Zhang-qin, directors of MOJ departments, chiefs and deputy chiefs of MOJ subordinate organizations and representatives of the academia. In the conference, the Crime Prevention Research Center of the Academy presented 32 thesis topics which it selected and examined this year in response to the need of the society and practice field. In addition, 28 Adjunct Research Fellows were employed in an effort to make rapid comments if a serious crime breaks out. Winners of the Outstanding Thesis Award also delivered speeches. Attendees highly praised the Crime Prevention Research Center for accomplishing substantial researches and plans for a crime prevention research system in merely a year after the Center was established.
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