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2016/12/9 The Academy held the Symposium of the 2016 Crime Analysis and the Ceremony for 3rd Outstanding Thesis Award on Crime Prevention Research.

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Serving as a think tank in criminal justice policy of the country, the Academy determines the topic of annual researches and commissions research projects carried out by selected scholars to improve the national crime prevention policy. Additionally, to encourage more elite to join the research field of crime prevention, the Academy set up Outstanding Thesis Award on Crime Prevention Research and hold awarding ceremony every year. It is the 3rd ceremony, and 11 students with a Master or Ph.D. degree win the award this year.
In the symposium, President Tsai Pi-Yu delivered an opening speech and presided over the group discussion. Moreover, the Academy was greatly honored to invite Chiu Tai-san, Minister of Ministry of Justice, joining the symposium to give a speech and present the award to winners of the Outstanding Thesis Award on Crime Prevention Research. In the speech, Minister Chiu first mentioned that the two topics of the symposium-“2015 Crime Situations and Analyses --Key Report on Crime Trend” and “The Research on the Development of Crime Research Institutions Across Countries: A Comparative Study”-were valuable for national crime research. And he believed that those results would be important references for the government in developing criminal policy. Secondly, he expressed appreciation that the Outstanding Thesis Award set up by the Academy has attracted all these exceptional postgraduates to join the field of crime prevention research. The minister congratulated winners of the award and hoped they would continue to put more efforts in research to make society much more harmonious and better.

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