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The Academy for the Judiciary Conducted a Leadership Workshop for Chief Prosecutors on November 8th-10th

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  • Last updated:2021-11-29
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From November 8th to 10th, the Academy conducted a "Leadership Workshop for Chief Prosecutors", with a total of 29 Chief Prosecutors of the first and second instances attending the learning course.
To enhance the ability of the Chief Prosecutors in policy formulation, organizational management, leadership, communication and coordination skills, as well as to understand the key policy developments of the country, the Academy has been conducting an annual "Leadership Workshop for Chief Prosecutors" since 2019. The topics are selected to take a panoramic view and the current pulse of society. This year's course was focused on digital and epidemic planning.
This 3-day workshop kicked off with a lecture by the Minister of Justice, Mr. Ching-Hsiang TSAI, on the policy priorities of Legal Administration, followed by Mr. Jamie LIN, General Manager of Taiwan Mobile with a lecture on "Digital Development Trends in the Post-Epidemic Era". Their presentations were followed by papers presented respectively by Mr. Tzong-Li HSU, President of the Judicial Yuan, entitled "Judicial Reform and Judicial Policy", Ms. Estella LU, Lecturer of Vine Management Consulting on "Talent Mapping and Organizational Management in the Post-Epidemic Era", Mr. Chih-Hsin LIU, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of The Reporter, with "From the Development of the Online Community to Message Creation", Mr. Hui-Ming CHIANG, Prosecutor-General of the Supreme Prosecutors Office, on "Outlook on Prosecution Services", Professor Wen-Chen CHANG of National Taiwan University on "Epidemic Prevention and Human Rights: The Challenges to the Rule of Law by the Epidemic", Lecturer Yu-Wen YANG of Chung Yuan Christian University on "The First Step in Digital Transformation - Video Conferencing Capability" and Professor Tun-Yuan CHEN of National Chengchi University on "Government Digital Transformation" (as per the order of the courses) to have a dialogue and share experiences with the Chief Prosecutors present.
On the afternoon on Day 2 of the workshop, a special visit to Taiwan Facebook Limited (Facebook) was arranged, where we had the opportunity to discuss the topic of handling misinformation with Mr. Yi-Ju CHEN, Manager of the Public Affairs Department of the company, and the Legal Team of Facebook, which is based in far-away Singapore, via video link. Facebook first explained to the Chief Prosecutors that it uses misinformation (at the content level) and disinformation (at the behavior level) as criteria to distinguish the company's handling policy and removal mechanism. Furthermore, since Facebook has recently changed its name to Meta, Facebook Taiwan also gave a presentation to the Chief Prosecutors on the latest trends and future applications of the metaverse and exchanged views with them on the possible new legal controversies in the virtual world in the future.
During the 3-day study course, the participating Chief Prosecutors were highly appreciative of the well-planned curriculum and visit itinerary prepared by the Academy, and they also expressed the great benefits acquired in the workshop. In the future, the Academy will continue to conduct the "Leadership Workshop for Prosecutors" to provide an array of channels for Chief Prosecutors to absorb new knowledge and take the pulse of society to benefit the promotion of prosecutorial services and national policies.

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